Resort with the Best View on Kuta Beach

Resort with the Best View on Kuta Beach

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Resort with the Best View on Kuta Beach – Kuta beach is one of the natural tourist destinations that provide coastal views in the Central Lombok Regency Administrative Region. This beach is famous for its stunning scenery with white sand that is truly beautiful and unspoiled.

Of course, for those of you who want to travel to Kuta Beach, don’t worry because there are several resort-style inns around this beach attraction that are also affordable.

1. Rascals Boutiques Kuta Lombok

Rascals Boutiques Kuta Lombok is a star hotel located in Kuta Mandalika, Central Lombok which is in the south of Lombok Island. This hotel is quite attractive with a variety of adequate facilities and of course there is a large swimming pool in its backyard.

The atmosphere of this hotel is also very comfortable because it has beach nuances and is located only 900 meters from Kuta beach tourism. The room price range offered at this hotel is also not that expensive, where it is between 800 thousand to 1 million per night.

2. Harmony Villas Lombok

Harmony Villas Lombok is also one of the luxury spots around Kuta beach, Lombok, which is only about 700 meters away. The atmosphere of this inn is so attractive that it presents a white domination with a minimalist yet luxurious concept. In addition, there are private swimming pool facilities that are suitable for those of you who like tranquility.

This luxury accommodation only presents one type of room, namely the One Bedroom Villa which costs 1.5 million, with complete facilities and will not make you regret.

3. Pipe Dream Villas Resort

The Pipe Dream Villas Resort, which is located at Jl. Raya Kuta, Kuta, Central Lombok which is only 900 meters from the tourist attraction of Kuta Beach. This inn presents a luxurious atmosphere and offers various kinds of facilities that really pamper its visitors, such as a swimming pool, WiFi, and a complete restaurant.

Meanwhile, this inn also provides several room options with a very luxurious atmosphere, such as One Bedroom Villa with Kitchened to Superior Villa whose prices range from 1 million to 2.6 million.

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4. Kies Villas

One of the other luxury lodgings around Kuta beach, Lombok is Kies Villas, which is only about 800 meters from the tourist attraction of Kuta beach. This inn is very attractive with a variety of luxurious facilities combined with beautiful natural nuances. Besides that, this place is not that crowded, so it is perfect for those who want to travel in a calm and relaxed manner.

Not only that, Kies Villas also offers several room options as alternatives, such as the Deluxe Double Room, Exotic Bungalow, and Luxurious Private Villa, which are priced from 900 thousand to 2.5 million per night.

5. Novotel Lombok Resort and Villas

Next, there is Novotel Lombok Resort and Villas which is located on the south side of Kuta beach, which is only about 800 meters from the beach tourism area. This resort is quite famous and presents a luxurious beach atmosphere and immediately has a beautiful beach backyard.

Meanwhile, the choice of rooms provided by this hotel varies from 1.5 million to 4.5 million per night. Of course, these rooms are in accordance with the facilities provided you will get.