Privileges of Mohini Reost labuan Bajo

Privileges of Mohini Reost labuan Bajo

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Privileges of Mohini Reost labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo is currently one of the tourist destinations that is viral and is dominated by all tourists in the world.

Who doesn’t dream of having a vacation to Labuan Bajo? This tourist destination on the western tip of the island of Flores is indeed worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime visit because of its stunning natural charm.

So, so that your vacation to Labuan Bajo will be even more memorable, there’s nothing to lose if you choose Mohini Komodo Resort as a place to stay. There are several reasons why you must book a three-star resort which has been booming since it opened in early 2019.

1. Exclusive because there are only 12 barns

It is called a barn because the rooms available at Mohini Resort use thatched roofs so that they look like barns. Bamboo and wood are also used in some of the furniture in the room which is completely white in color so that the atmosphere is presented that is closer to nature.

Here, you will feel exclusive because this resort only provides 12 barns. You can choose what new type best suits your needs, namely Standard, Superior, and Suite types. All types of barn provide a super comfortable queen bed and a balcony with a view.

2. The view of the resort is a feast for the eyes

Because it is located in one of the hills close to Sylvia Hill, the rooms at Mohini Resort look separate from each other and are connected by small stairs. From each staircase and balcony of the room, you can see a very beautiful view, which is in the form of the high seas, complete with islands and phinisi ships.

In fact, because of the funny concept of the stairs that bring each room together, the spot is also a cool view for photos and content.

3. The outdoor swimming pool makes the panorama even cooler

Located in the middle of Mohini Resort, an outdoor swimming pool that is not too big has become a great spot to spend the evening, as well as making the panoramic view from the restaurant’s balcony even cooler. Make you feel at home!

For those who want a sunset inside the resort, this outdoor pool is one of the best locations at Mohini Resort. Whether swimming or just playing water by the pool, all are doable with the loved ones you invite here.

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4. You can rent a motorbike at Mohini Resort

For those of you who want a city tour of Labuan Bajo, you don’t need to bother looking for transportation because Mohini Resort provides motorbike rental facilities at a rate of only Rp. 90 thousand a day. Wow! With this motorbike, you can travel to destinations around the resort, such as Sylvia Hill and Waecicu Beach.

5. Affordable stay rates for super complete facilities

With the facilities and panoramas offered by Mohini Resort, can you guess what the rate per night is? You will be surprised because the rates here start from just Rp. 700 thousand, you know. In fact, there are several hotel booking sites that charge Rp. 600 thousand. Hmmm, do you want to come here?