Most Expensive and Luxury Resort in Indonesia

Most Expensive and Luxury Resort in Indonesia

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Most Expensive and Luxury Resort in Indonesia – For the traveler, sometimes they are not only eyeing the natural beauty of the destination, sometimes the traveler also pays attention to the vacation that will be occupied.

Not just wanting to have an adventure, some people prefer to relax and enjoy a vacation somewhere while enjoying the scenery. They don’t want to get tired here and there and just want to refresh the brain with the view that is presented.

Of course, complete facilities and beautiful views will only be obtained with excess pockets. So so you don’t regret it, try visiting the five luxury resorts below, not only luxury, of course, your vacation will be unforgettable!

1. Amanjiwo

This place is indeed very suitable for you to visit when you really want to refresh and release fatigue from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Amanjiwo offers a calm and luxurious place, of course and is located in Majaksingin Borobudur Village, Central Java. The scenery that you can see is Borobudur Temple and the mountains of Merapi so you won’t feel bored there.

Regarding facilities, don’t ask anymore, of course this resort offers complete facilities such as a swimming pool, luxury spa to a golf course. The price offered varies from Rp. 8 million to Rp. 29 million per night.

2. Bulgari Resort

The resort is located on the cliffs of Uluwatu and is located in six different countries. The view offered by this resort is the beautiful Indian Ocean. This resort is a villa with various rooms and the facilities offered are very complete, such as a home theater, private cinema, bar to private swimming pool. Because of the various facilities offered, you have to spend a lot of money, which is IDR 67 million per night.

3. Ayana Komodo Resort

The resort is located in Labuan Bajo and is the starting point before passing through the Komodo National Park. At this resort you will be spoiled with a variety of beautiful views because it is located on the beach. For facilities, this resort is very complete, namely a spa room, kids club, fitness center to a glass bottom boat where guests can enjoy the underwater beauty of the island of Flores such as colorful fish and coral reefs.

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4. Nihi Sumba

Nihi Sumba is a resort with international standard. The various luxurious facilities offered by this resort are bungalows and balconies for the guests. Apart from that this resort also offers water arenas such as surfing, paddle boarding and kitesurfing.

The price offered is no joke, namely Rp. 11 million to Rp. 21 million per night. The resort even has a private chocolate factory where visitors are invited to make chocolate. Due to its complete facilities, this resort has always been awarded the title of the best hotel in the world for two consecutive years.

5. Montigo Resort Nongsa

This resort is located on the northeast coast of Batam and offers the best facilities for a vacation. This resort is in the form of a villa and each villa can enjoy the sunset view because this villa directly faces the beach. Various facilities that you can get are spa, private dining, beachside restaurant, kids club to a complete water arena. This villa offers a pretty fantastic price of IDR 18 million per night.