5 Star Hotel In Bandung With Super Luxurious Facilities

5 Star Hotel In Bandung With Super Luxurious Facilities

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5 Star Hotel In Bandung With Super Luxurious Facilities – This is a list of 5-star hotels in Bandung and their super luxurious facilities at the cheapest prices, recommendations for places to stay in the city of Parahyangan that are nice, complete, and comfortable. International standard top class accommodation that will make your vacation with family more comfortable and memorable than the previous vacation.
5 star hotels in every city are indeed not as many as 3 and 4 star hotels, especially when compared to 1 and 2 star hotels which are very numerous. Because to reach the top star position requires requirements that are not easy. Starting from luxurious facilities to hotel management that really must be well organized.

Likewise with Bandung, where the number of inns and hotels in this city is very large, with a total of more than 1300. However, there are only 11 5-star hotels.

Bandung is the capital of the province of West Java, which is well-known as one of the largest cities in Indonesia. Known as the city of flowers because of the beauty of the city and its fantastic ancestors. There are also many historical sites in this city. There are also many interesting tourist attractions in this city known as the Paris of Java.

Staying in luxury and classy hotels is the right choice when in this city. In addition to comfort, of course, the supporting facilities are also very complete compared to 4-star, 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star hotels.

The following are the names of 5-star hotels in Bandung that have complete and luxurious facilities:

1. Padma Hotel Bandung

Padma Hotel Bandung adalah hotel bintang 5 terbaik di kota Bandung saat ini. Memiliki rating kepuasan tertinggi dibandingkan hotel berbintang lainnya.

Salah satu hotel mewah yang memberikan pelayanan terbaik dengan staf yang ramah dan bersahabat. Menyediakan dengan berbagai fasilitas mewah dengan desain kamar sederhana tapi memiliki nilai arsitek yang tinggi dengan kesan glamor dan modern yang khas.

Padma Hotel Bandung is in a strategic location and surrounded by hills. While here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe fresh air especially in the morning.

Rest will be more comfortable and quiet. When you wake up in the morning, you will be fresh again and ready to carry out the next daily agenda.

2. The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung

The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung is a 5-star hotel near trans studio which is one of the largest indoor playgrounds in the world. The best accommodation for personal business or vacation with family. This hotel is not only close to Trans Studio, but also close to other leading tourist destinations in Bandung.

Maybe many already know Trans Studio Bandung, just to remind you that this place is an indoor playground that provides more than 20 interesting rides. Various international-scale attractions and performances are also often held around Trans Studio Bandung, so this place is not only attractive to children but is also visited by teenagers and adults. Its very strategic location and close to Trans Studio makes this inn highly recommended for you and your family.

Hotel bookings are not only for vacation, but can also be done for travel agendas or business visits. Because one of the luxury hotels in Bandung, the access is close to the Business Center.

3. Hotel InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar

Hotel InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar is a 5-star hotel close to the mountain view Golf Club, Selasar sunaryo art space, Curug Dago Pakar, Juanda forest park, Curug maribaya, Punclut, Cihampelas Walk, etc. This luxury hotel in Bandung is also not too far from Kiaracondong Station which is 6.67 km, Bandung Hall Station is 7.06 km, and Husein Sastranegara Airport which is 8.06 km.

Providing the best service with friendly, kind, and professional staff as well as luxurious 5-star hotel facilities.

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4. Crowne Plaza Bandung Hotel

Crowne Plaza Bandung Hotel is a 5-star hotel located close to the Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum, Museum of the Asian-African Conference, Merdeka Building, Bandung Square, Bandung Grand Mosque, Braga CityWalk, Bandung Electronic Mall, Kings Shopping Center 2, and others.

Providing the best service with good, professional, and pleasant service. The hotel staff are friendly and very friendly make this place feel very pleasant.

Not to mention the facilities available are very luxurious like 5-star hotels in general, for example, LED TVs, very fast internet access, comfortable chairs and desks, bathrooms equipped with bathtubs and showers, and restaurants that provide various types of food menus.

The rooms available are also well maintained and kept clean. Room design with an attractive view uses a modern concept but does not leave the impression of eastern culture. Making this inn as the best hotel that is very liked by its visitors.

5. Hilton Bandung

Hotel Hilton Bandung is a skyscraper hotel that is perfect for staying while on vacation in this city. In addition, it has a high-rise skyscraper which makes it very interesting. The location is also very strategic which is only 500 meters from Bandung station, Santosa hospital, 23 Paskal Mall, and Paskal Food Market.

Access to Husein Sastranegara International Airport is also quite close, it only takes 4 minutes (normal time). In addition, this hotel is also close to shopping, culinary, souvenirs, and interesting places. The facilities and room service provided are also very satisfying. Complete facilities handled by friendly and professional staff.