5 Recommended Instagramable Hotels in Bogor

5 Recommended Instagramable Hotels in Bogor

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5 Recommended Instagramable Hotels in Bogor – Bogor is being talked about a lot due to the video of a nasty lovebird. There are five instagramable hotels in Bogor that can be recommended.
A number of hotels in Bogor are being investigated by the police regarding the video of the lovebirds being carried out there. Apart from that, Bogor has hotel recommendations for your vacation.

1.Begreno Home

There’s no mistaking it, you can feel the atmosphere of Ubud in a rainy city. this accommodation. Begreno Home Boutique Resort is inspired by the rural atmosphere of the archipelago but includes luxurious villa facilities, ranging from large and comfortable rooms to a swimming pool.

The atmosphere is really like the Balinese countryside, complete with small huts by the pool and cute floaties for swimming companions! One of the Instagramable spots here is one corner at Villa Roosse. Each type of accommodation has its own distinct and equally beautiful style of decor.

2.Villa Aman D’sini

One villa is arguably a hidden treasure in Bogor. The location is in the hills of Sentul and you have to pass through a winding road. Once there, the trip will be worth it because the atmosphere and scenery are so beautiful.

Not inferior to other Instagramable hotels in Bogor, this villa has a swimming pool, villa pavilion, and a hanging restaurant like a tree house. The favorite spot to take pictures, of course, is in front of the swimming pool with a frame of 2 frangipani trees that bend to each other. Behind it is a view of the mountains and waterfalls!

3.Novus Giri Resort & Spa

This 4-star hotel will accompany you to escape for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still with a homey atmosphere. The architecture itself is thick with natural stone, marble and wood elements.

The most favorite Instagramable spot here is of course the infinity pool. The difference is, the view that you will enjoy is not the open sea, but the green valleys and forests in this area.

4.Edensor Hill
Its name is taken from a village on the outskirts of England. As the name implies, that atmosphere also surrounds this villa. The location is in the hills of Sentul with views of Bidadari Waterfall and close to Jungle Land Adventure Theme Park. Besides the beautiful green scenery, the exterior of this villa is the main attraction that makes it Instagramable!

One of the favorite spots to take pictures here is in front of the villa building whose walls are covered with beautiful flowering vines. A bit like the atmosphere of Hogwarts if you look closely.

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5.The Highland Park

Combining western and eastern styles, this resort at the foot of Mount Salak carries the concept of glamping. You can stay in Mongolian and Indian-style tents while breathing in the fresh and beautiful air. The rows of white tents here are also a unique sight that is Instagramable!

Stand on the path that runs through these tents and quack! You also have unique photos to upload to Instagram. Besides here, you can also take pictures with the background of the expanse of tents from the balcony of the main building.