Ski Resort Middle East and North Africa

Ski Resort Middle East and North Africa – Ski resort is a resort that pampers its visitors by being able to ski, snow and various other sports with snow.

What is on your mind when you hear the Middle East and Africa? Some of you may identify this region with desert and arid.

But in fact, part of this region also has snowy mountains complete with ski resorts when winter arrives. Here are 6 countries in the Middle East and North Africa that have ski resorts and can be a reference for winter holidays.

1. Lebanon

Lebanon is a country located north of the Arabian Peninsula and borders Syria which has many ski resorts that are filled with snow in winter.

The oldest resort in Lebanon, The Cedars Ski Resort, has even been developed since 1920. In this country you can also find Mzaar Ski Resort which is the largest ski resort in the Middle East.

Apart from Mzaar and Cedars, you can also find other resorts such as Zaarour, Laqluoq, Faqra, and Qanat Bakish.

2. Morocco

This country is on the western tip of North Africa. Crossed by the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is home to the Toubkal Peak which is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains range.

One of the ski resorts that you can find in Morocco is Oukaimeden which is close to Toubkal Peak and can be reached by a 2 hour drive from the city of Marrakech.

One of the advantages of this country for Indonesian citizens is that they do not need a visa to enter this country. You don’t have to bother with a visa to try skiing or enjoy the snow like going to countries in Europe. Just make sure you come in the winter months in Morocco to be able to enjoy this snow.

3. Algeria

This country in North Africa and bordering Morocco also has ski resorts in winter. Passed by the Atlas Mountains, the slopes of the mountains in Algeria are filled with snow during winter.

You can find Chrea Ski Resort located in Blida Province and Tikjda Ski Resort located in the Djurdjura Mountains, Northern Algeria where you can ski.

4. Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries in the Middle East that has many ski resorts. There are many choices that could be your choice to enjoy heavy snow in this one country.

One that is quite famous and is the oldest in Turkey is Uludag in Bursa Province. This place can be reached in approximately 2 hours from Istanbul.

Apart from Uludag, you can also find snow and ski resorts in Erciyes, Palandoken, Sarikamis, Kartalkaya, and many more.

5. Iran

During winter, Iran also has mountains filled with heavy snow and has ski resorts. One of them is Dizin Ski Resort in the Alborz Mountains, which is about 70 kilometers from Tehran.

This ski resort has been built since the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlevi around the 1960s.

6. United Arab Emirates

Located in Dubai, this ski resort is not in the mountains but indoors and you don’t have to wait for winter to enjoy the snow in this place.

With a ski area of ​​22,500 square meters, this place is part of the Mall of the Emirates which is one of the largest shopping centers in the world. Just like any ski resort, in this place you can play in the snow and find various snow sports activities.

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