List of 5 Star Hotels in Japan

List of 5 Star Hotels in Japan

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List of 5 Star Hotels in Japan – Every country must have an inn that can be used to stay if you are on vacation or do not have a place to live in that country. But not only in every country, but also in every region. Japan has many luxury hotels that will surely make you chuckle in awe.

Below we will share the most luxurious hotels in Japan as well as hotels in Japan for families.


Located in the Chiyoda area, this hotel has 290 rooms, most of which are perfect for family stays. The average rate for a standard room ranges from 6 million to 14.5 million rupiah per night.

Each room is equipped with air conditioning (AC) and a minibar. In addition, there is also free and high-speed internet service for 24 hours. Palace Hotel also provides several other facilities, such as a swimming pool, bar, spa, hot tub, and fitness center. The hotel’s restaurant serves a number of international cuisines from Europe, France and China


This hotel with a distinctive eastern style is located in the Chuo district, Ginza, Tokyo Nihonbashi. Room rates range from 7 million to 15 million rupiah with 178 room options.

Many tourists choose this hotel because of its strategic location. From their room, they can watch the beautiful sunset from behind Mount Fuji. Some rooms even face the Tokyo Skytree directly.

Not only that, the types of rooms available also vary. In addition to suites, there are also special rooms for families, non-smoking rooms, and rooms with easy access for people with disabilities. These rooms are also equipped with air conditioning, minibar, and free internet facilities.

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Unlike the previous two hotels, Park Hyatt is located in the Shinjuku area. A cheaper shopping district than in Ginza. With a simple yet luxurious style, this hotel is perfect for business people and those of you who are traveling to Japan. Moreover, you can gaze at the beauty of Mount Fuji from behind the glass of the room.

Also complete your vacation package to Japan by visiting tourist objects that are located not far from this hotel. Such as Tokyo Opera City, Sengoku Photo Studio Samurai, Chuo Shinjuku Park, and the Japanese Sword Museum. Indulge your stomach too by tasting Japanese, American and European specialties at the available restaurants.


As the name implies, Conrad (Comrade) is a 5-star hotel that is very friendly and attentive. Visitors are pampered by the friendliness of the officers and adequate facilities.

These facilities include air conditioning and minibar in every room, free and high-speed internet, airport transportation, laundry service, concierge, swimming pool, gym, and spa.

Don’t forget to stop by a number of attractions around the hotel. For example Rikyu Hama Park, Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tour, Hibiya Shrine, and the famous fish market: Tsukiji Market.


Make sure your travel costs to Japan are not in vain by getting the best accommodations during your trip. One of them is the Shangri-La Hotel in the Chiyoda area.

Located not far from the Tokyo train station, this hotel is loved by many tourists. Not to mention the friendliness of hotel employees, excellent service, and complete facilities which are added values. It is also still enhanced with a beautiful panorama of Tokyo from behind the glass of the room and various artistic paintings that adorn the walls of the hotel corridor.