Best Diving Resort in North Sulawesi

Best Diving Resort in North Sulawesi

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Best Diving Resort in North Sulawesi – For diving lovers from all over the country, it is really mandatory to try diving at the best resorts in North Sulawesi.

North Sulawesi is well-known as one of the provinces with its underwater beauty and wealth. Several years ago, UNESCO officially designated Bunaken Marine Park as an Indonesian Biosphere Reserve. For this reason, one of the main tours in North Sulawesi province is underwater tourism.

Well, for those of you who are planning to go to North Sulawesi and enjoy its underwater beauty, here are five recommendations for the best diving resorts. Check out the information, huh.

1. Siladen Resort and Spa on Siladen Island

Siladen Resort and Spa is one of the most famous diving resorts in North Sulawesi. This four-star resort is located on Siladen Island which is still in the Bunaken Marine Park area.

This diving resort has complete facilities, including an outdoor pool, massage and spa services, as well as traditional-style cottages. Not only that, this diving resort has received a license from The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), which makes diving tours here safer and certainly fun.

2. Lembeh Resort

This diving resort is one of the first class resorts, which offers luxurious villas with private pools, which provide a memorable stay experience. The villa is located on a hill and overlooks the open sea.

Of course, you can relax accompanied by a stunning view. Even more special, this resort is located near the Lembeh Strait which is famous for its unique underwater biota that are rarely found elsewhere.

Therefore, this resort is perfect for professionals and newbies alike. You don’t need to worry, because Lembeh Resort has provided diving equipment to professional instructors.

3. Gangga Island Resort

Located on the island of Gangga, Gangga Island Resort and Spa has also received a PADI license, a five-star dive center with professional divers, which is ready to bring you closer to the underwater life. Not only suitable for underwater tourism enthusiasts, this resort is perfect for those of you who just want a vacation.

Enjoy a comfortable and peaceful stay in a luxurious bungalow that overlooks the open sea. If you want to relax, play on the beautiful white sand beach until traditional spa services are available for you.

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4. Manado Nusantara Diving Resort

Another four star dive resort in Bunaken. This resort is known for its comfort and complete modern facilities. So that you can ensure the satisfaction of your stay.

The view of the garden and beach that pampers the eyes, as well as the infinity pool overlooking Manado Bay adds to the enjoyment of your vacation here. Not only that, this resort also provides diving assistance for those of you who try diving or just snorkeling.

You don’t need to hesitate, because this resort is known as the best dive center in Manado. The resort even has its own jetty, and is close to Bunaken National Marine Park.

5. Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort and Spa

This resort offers cottages that face directly to the beach. You can relax on the balcony while enjoying the panoramic view of the blue sea, it is very calming for the soul.

For those of you who want to try diving for the first time, this resort also provides professional instructors to teach and assist you. After getting tired of exploring the underwater beauty of Bunaken, you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant and a relaxing massage at the spa offered by this resort.